Colors: Spring Flowers

I’ve been inspired lately by the existence of color in nature. This series of photos, some taken on a recent trip through London and Paris and others on a visit to the nearby Brooklyn Botanical Garden, has been inspired by the beautiful color provided by springtime blooms.


Pink magnolias in the evening light




White magnolias dance in the wind




Unassuming window plants




Fire flower (or so I’m calling it) – opens to the sun




Tulips and friends sway in the breeze

Nature Rocks



Cherry Blossoms



Luxembourg Gardens – tulips talk



St. James Park – daffodils dance



This project would not have started if I hadn’t had access to such a user friendly camera. (This set of pictures was taken on my iPhone 8mp camera). After I got my new phone last fall, I kept taking pictures and found that I really enjoyed it again.  In the process of flipping pics of everything from my dinners to interesting PSAs to family/friends, I realized how drawn I was to color. This particular set focuses on images in nature, but I have a whole other set of pictures that is front doors painted in unique colors. I realized that once I started looking at the world in potential photographable moments/objects, more and more things jumped out at me.

While I will continue to take photos with my iPhone, this project has actually inspired me to learn how to work a more complicated camera and learn more about aperture, light, shadows, etc.


  • sabonseine

    really love these. iphone camera — wow…