Tabula Rasa

NYS 4th grade math assessment excerpt   Please note bullet two in the above image: “student can erase quickly so that they do not have to suffer the evidence of their mistake.”Or bullet one, “the teacher can respond to a hole in student understanding and skills.”¬†Or perhaps I should refer to bullet three: “students love […]


The summer has been a nice respite from an otherwise busy academic year. Perhaps what is unique about it is the amount of quiet time I’ve had to sit with ideas, develop and respond to questions and try things out. For example, one day I spent nearly twelve hours working on some sample Scratch projects […]

Lessons Learned from My First Scratch Programming Workshop

Two weeks ago, I wrapped up my first workshop on computer programming in Scratch. Unlike other workshops I have been helping with over the last few months, the content, the teaching and responsibility all fell on my shoulders. At the beginning of the semester, I was really nervous about the workshop. Where to start? What […]

Reading Relationships

Context This is week three of the reading program, my third week with Sienna and second with Charlotte. My goal with Sienna today was to get her to stay excited about a text and with Charlotte, it was to continue to learn about her reading style and see what is interesting and exciting to her.